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Our School Initiative needs volunteers to help it continue

What is a Steiner School?

A Steiner School is a non-sectarian, private, co-educational school which aims to develop the 'whole' child with a head, heart and hands approach to learning. 

It's founder was Rudolf Steiner, 1861 - 1925 and it is the fastest-growing independent education system in the world.

There are over 40 Steiner Schools in Australia & more than 1200 Steiner Schools in over 60 countries worldwide.

Australian Steiner schools use the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework. 

They are recognized by ACARA (Australian Curriculum,
Assessment & Reporting Authority

Where is the Tropical North Steiner School located?

In the middle of two World Heritage Areas (The Wet Tropics -Daintree National Park & The Great Barrier Reef) in Mossman, Douglas Shire.
Built on the land of the Kuku Yalanji people. 
We acknowledge the contributions of Aboriginal Australians and pay our respects to Elders both past and present.
We endeavor to learn from each other through our mutual respect for the land that grounds us.

Why choosing Tropical North Steiner School?

Small classes - a safe environment.

Close relationships between parents, teachers, and children.

Kitchen Garden Program - embedding healthy lifestyle habits while

developing practical & academic skills.

Recognizing your child's individual developmental stage & instilling 

a life-long love of learning.

Preparing the developing brain for reading & writing through physical
movements and fine motor activities.

Using the arts to develop higher-order thinking.


Our  Prep Class 

The early childhood years are characterized by children actively learning through imitation. Your child's day will be filled with natural play materials and outdoor spaces with animals and gardens for which to care.
Your child learns through play and structured activities, to cook, paint,  garden, sew, use tools, share and problem solve.

With a maximum number of 15 children across all classes in 2023, our school provides a warm and nurturing environment.

Usually, children will be eligible to attend Prep if they turn 6 in 2023, but we are happy to allow some flexibility.

 Our Classes 1-3 

The primary years are the optimal time for nurturing imagination.
Curriculum content, cognitive development, and skill-building are approached through pictorial and imaginative presentation, embodying narrative, creative writing, visual arts, music, drama, and movement.
The school will enroll a maximum of 15 children across all classes in 2023. Children turning 7 in 2023 are eligible to enter Class 1. 


Our History

Birthed from a desire to give children in the Douglas Shire the choice of a holistic education foundation, independent and non-sectarian.

2017 incorporated as Tropical North Steiner School.

2018 approved by the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board. 

Behind the scene work (with thanks to our generous supporters): Unfortunately the location we thought was suitable and has been our home for Playgroup since 2017 has proven to have lots of hoops to jump through with our Council.

We are currently searching for a new location to open our school and hopefully be able to open our doors for our community and children.

All that has been accomplished until now is from the hard work and dedication of our volunteers, but we need more help if you would like to see our Steiner School open in the Douglas Shire and have the time and passion to help us please get in contact. 

Our Board of Directors

Amber Stevenson - President

Lynette Percic - Secretary

Jim Andrianopoulos - Treasurer

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“My kids loved going to a Steiner school. The school nourished their self-confidence and encouraged mature, grounded and well-developed expression and communication skills.”  
Orit Ben-Harush, Parent

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